Since my engine was completely apart I did not require the breakdown. The previous owner passed away but before he did he removed all components and ordered completely brand new components. I ordered all new bearings and seals from Uli’s in Frankfurt. Cheap prices and one price shipping no matter the size of the order.

Required documents:
Engine Parts Manual
Factory assembly Manual

I followed the factory assembly manual for the assembly. There is very few pointers or explanation on how to re-assemble. It is mostly concerning dis-assembly.
I heated all housings before pressing in the bearings and used a overhead press using the manual hand pump to control. I used a flat metal plate to ensure bearings were being pressed in true. When assembling the crankshaft I used a filler plate and fully assembled the crank before pressing into the engine casing. I found that using the original mounting bolt holes as a guide made it quick and easy. Insert the bolts and slowly screw in, alternating between the bolts. The crank shaft went right in with no problems. Do not press through the crank as you can cause damage.