Gas Tank

There was damage to the original hinge area of the tool box. I acquired some tubing which I brazed in place using the cover to correctly position the hinges.

The original coating in the tank was sparse and or missing. I decided to por15 the internal of the tank. Por15 sells a motorcycle tank kit providing all required chemicals and supplies. If you decide to do this make sure that you have an area you do not mind getting wet or messy. Any colour or paint on the tank will be damaged by the acid solution used to etch the internals of the tank. The photo below is the por15 coating applied to the ID of the tank. The coating at this point is still wet. The quality of this product shows in the final design. Keep in mind this stuff is permanent and once it is done there is no going back. Read directions on the product and take your time. Note all holes need to be covered and sealed.

With the internals of the tank completed, I focused on the external paint. It took a few more coats than I desired but in the end it came out rather nice. It is currently in the process of waiting to be pinstriped. Note, I rough sanded with approximately 600 grit, followed by 1000 then a 2000 grit.