I made an inquiry regarding the origin of the bike VIN number and where and to whom it was shipped.
Original Owner/Delivery: German Ministry of Defense
Date Delivered: April 13,1960
Notes: Sidecar

I always suspected that it was a military bike, but was unsure until I inquired to BMW regarding the VIN. Perhaps one day I will make it a military style bike.

Overall the bike is well past the breaking in stage and is running smooth. I have had it up to 110-115kph, though the speedometer was shaky at this speed and it was hard to exactly determine 100%.

The bike gives a very smooth ride. The speed the bike likes to travel is at: 40, 60, 80 and 100kph. On the upper end I find it settles in at 100kph, but takes a bit of time to reach it. The main speed I tend to travel if driving it is 80 – 85kph. I moved to the states and many of the local roads are around 45 – 55mph which this bike speed meshes well. I come from a metric origin, so I prefer these units.


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