R26 Update December

I added some new photos to the engine/motor and have begun to assemble the bike.
The chassis and assembly photos can be found here: http://clev.ca/BMW/?page_id=93
The Engine photos can be found here: http://clev.ca/BMW/?page_id=17

I still have some work to do on the chassis and engine. I am currently waiting for the new year to begin working on the bike again. Work and Christmas has a tendency to get in the way.

Major future challenges will be the electrics. Luckily I have some extra original parts and should be able to rewire and rebuild the generator. The next challenge is the carburetor, I have an original carb and rebuilt it, but I need a new slide. I may acquire an aftermarket one from Uli’s  just to get a better idle. Since these carburetors were rather problematic or so I have read.



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