Our Pasta

There is a misconception about pasta.  Most people just see it as a carbohydrate and therefore, fattening and not healthy. Unfortunately, as a kid most of us were fed thick dry pasta, that was super filling and heavy! So, no wonder, we grew up thinking that pasta is super heavy and filling!

Pasta definitely can be, especially dry pasta. However, fresh pasta is completely different. Dry pasta’s do a have a place in the culinary world especially with the right sauce. The ones that are bronze died and air dried, imported from Italy, are very good and have the best nutritional value.

All of the fresh pasta in Italy is pretty fantastic, no matter how thick it is. In the United States, however, it’s not so great. What you mostly get in the supermarket or in restaurants is really thick and rubbery. This happens because, once you roll out pasta really thin, it breaks and is difficult to work with.  What we have found, is that the flour has a lot to do with the texture and the ability to be rolled out thin. Its very typical in the north of Italy, to use only white flour and eggs and in the south, to use semolina flour and water.

My husband and I spent countless hours in our home kitchen perfecting our recipe. We were encouraged to do so, after returning from Italy and not being able to find good fresh pasta anywhere. We tested different flours and techniques, and after two years we finally achieved our perfect pasta. We decided to try using semolina from the south, and eggs from the north. Luckily for us, it worked! We were able to achieve a good texture in the pasta, as well as the ability to roll it out thin. We use only imported Caputo semolina flour from Italy and farm fresh eggs to achieve the magic.

Our pasta is light and delicate that it only takes 2 minutes to cook. Everyone is always amazed how great they feel after eating our pasta!

We believe that our pasta is very special and we look forward to sharing it with you!